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Getting new dentures means adapting your eating habits. At first, you may be sore from tooth extractions, so soft foods and liquids are the way to go. Over time, your mouth heals and you can start getting used to eating with them. Many denture wearers are self-conscious in a public setting at first. Eating out for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

A good word of advice for the first outing is to go for breakfast. Your first outside dining experience with dentures should include things that are easy to eat. Eggs, pancakes, and French toast are typically easy to chew, so you probably won’t have an embarrassing experience. Potatoes, unless crispy or fried, are usually a good choice as well. Try to avoid ordering thick, crusty toast or something chewing intensive such as a breakfast burrito.

Go Out for a Quick Lunch

You can keep it simple the first time and have some salad or soup for lunch. Sandwiches can be a challenge for someone still adapting to having dentures in their mouth. However, a softer tuna salad or egg salad sandwich may be a bit easier to eat. Even if you have a salad, try to avoid seeds; they can get underneath the dentures and cause gum irritation.

Dinner Out for the First Time

There are many choices if you’re going out to dinner for the first time as a denture wearer. While steak may be too hard to eat, roast beef can be a good start. Go for chicken dishes or seafood; fish tends to be soft and easier to chew. As long as you avoid ribs or food you have to bite off the bone, or corn on the cob, you should be fine.

Also, eat in a that is the most comfortable for you. Nobody is going to shame you for cutting food up into small pieces that are easier and less painful to chew. After all, forks and knives are not hard to find in a restaurant; it might take a little more effort, but preparing your food to be eaten comfortably will allow for a more positive experience. Remember to chew with your back teeth, on both sides of your mouth, so your dentures don’t shift around. Just take it slow, and your first experience eating out with dentures may be positive and fulfilling.