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Dental Bonding vs Veneers

Patients who consider either dental bonding or veneering, are basically looking for the same thing – quick and easy fixes for aesthetic dental issues. Both treatments can help you achieve a smile makeover, but here is a quick look into how both procedures differ from each other.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are fine shells fabricated using porcelain, which when cemented on to the front surface of the tooth, conceal most dental defects such as shape and size discrepancies, general staining or discoloration, chipped margins, minor fractures, gaps between teeth, previous dental fillings etc. The fabrication however involves a slight trimming down of the natural teeth to accommodate the cementation of the veneers. Once the teeth have been trimmed and prepared, an impression is taken. Based on this impression, and the tooth shade selected by the patient, porcelain shells are fabricated. These are then set in place on the teeth to make them appear straighter, whiter, aligned and more uniform in every way – in a nutshell, porcelain veneers can give patients a complete smile makeover.

Direct Dental Bonding

Direct Dental Bonding, in simple words, is tooth colored/aesthetic filling. However, Dental Bonding is one of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry because its use is not only restricted to the filling of cavities. Composite Bonding can be used to fix minor fractures, chipped margins, gaps between teeth, pits and fissures, irregularities of shape and size, among other defects. This treatment, like Veneering, offers a complete smile makeover too, with the advantage of not involving any tooth trimming or preparation – however, composite stains much more easily than porcelain, and even with good maintenance, may not half as long as veneers in the oral cavity. Bonding is also much cheaper as compared to complete porcelain veneering.

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