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Dental Laser

There’s no doubt that dental technology has advanced tremendously over the past few years. One of the tools that has become more and more common in dental practices is the dental laser. While the laser can be used on both hard and soft tissue (i.e., both teeth and gums), Dr. Kassabian primarily uses the dental laser with his patients for gum-related procedures.

Benefits of the Dental Laser

  • Many times, anesthesia is not necessary when a dental laser is used
  • Gum procedures performed with a dental laser usually don’t require any stitches
  • Bleeding is minimized when a laser is used
  • Use of a dental laser often reduces the chance of bacterial infections forming because the laser sterilizes the tissue
  • The wounds produced by a laser typically heal faster.

What Procedures Can Be Performed with a Dental Laser

A variety of soft tissue (gum) procedures can be completed with a dental laser, including the following.

  • Treatment of a “gummy” smile: When a patient’s gums extend too far onto the surface of the teeth, a laser can be used to remove a portion of the gum tissue, leaving more of the tooth surface exposed.
  • Lengthening of the crown: A laser can be used to reshape gum and bone tissue to expose a greater amount of healthy tooth surface. This is typically used to create a stronger foundation for dental restorations.
  • Removal of soft tissue folds: Soft tissue folds can occur as a result of poorly fitted dentures. Lasers can be used to remove this tissue.
  • Frenectomy: A dental laser is sometimes used to perform a frenectomy, which is a procedure designed to repair a restricted frenulum. This type of procedure is usually done for children who have limited tongue movement or to help eliminate speech impediments.

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