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Dental bridges are a great choice for people who are missing one or more teeth. What you may not know is that it’s very important to replace missing teeth – even just a single tooth – to prevent other problems from occurring. At Jester Village Dental, we are pleased to offer dental bridges as one of the many services we perform for our patients.

Top Reasons to Visit Jester Village Dental for Dental Bridges

  • Kassabian has been fitting patients with dental bridges for many years and is very experienced in this procedure
  • Dental bridges are a great choice for people who are missing either a single tooth or just a few teeth
  • It’s important to replace missing teeth to avoid other problems from developing, and a dental bridge is a good way to do just that

What You Need to Know about Dental Bridges

When you’re missing a single tooth or even a few teeth, you may be tempted to simply live with fewer teeth. But that is never a good idea. If you don’t replace missing teeth – sometimes even just a single tooth – your other remaining teeth will shift in place to fill the gap left behind by the missing teeth. When that happens, it can negatively affect your bite, and that can lead to problems with chewing food or speaking. Left long enough, missing teeth can even cause difficulties with your jaw or actually change the shape of your teeth. For these reasons, you should always choose a method to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are one good option to do just that.

A bridge consists of a metal frame holding one or more porcelain crowns. The frame fits snugly over existing teeth on either side, and the crowns replace the missing teeth. Some dental bridges are fixed, or not removable, while others can be removed by the patient for cleaning. Dental bridges are quite strong and should last for many years.

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