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Root Canals

From time to time, a tooth can become so badly decayed that the pulp of the tooth itself becomes infected. When that happens, Dr. Kassabian may recommend a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Although it may sound painful, root canals are actually very common procedures and are usually quite simple to perform. We are pleased to offer root canals as one of the many services we provide for our Austin, TX area patients.

Top Reasons to Visit Jester Village Dental for Root Canals

  • Kassabian has years of experience in performing root canal procedures for his patients
  • If the pulp of a tooth has become infected, root canals are often the only way to save the tooth
  • Once a tooth is badly decayed and the pulp is infected, it can often be quite painful, and a root canal can alleviate the pain and other associated symptoms

Do You Need a Root Canal?

The following symptoms may indicate that you need a root canal procedure:

  • A painful toothache that is worse if pressure is applied to the tooth
  • A tooth that has become discolored
  • Swollen and/or painful gum tissue
  • A tooth that has developed sensitivity to hot and cold

What You Should Know about Root Canals

Root canals usually require two trips to our office. Dr. Kassabian will begin the procedure by removing the nerve and the pulp from the affected tooth. After that, he will thoroughly clean the tooth and use a special sealant to seal it off. Sometimes, Dr. Kassabian may recommend that a crown be applied over the tooth. Because a tooth doesn’t need pulp or nerves to function, after a root canal procedure, your tooth will be fully functional once again.

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