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Traditional Braces

While it’s true that there are now other alternatives to traditional braces, these standard dental appliances are, without a doubt, a very effective way to straighten your teeth. There are many reasons for wanting straighter teeth, and not all of them are cosmetic. Straighter teeth can improve the way you chew food, and can also reduce some of the pain and discomfort that sometimes comes with crooked teeth. Dr. Kassabian offers traditional braces to his Austin, TX area patients.

Top Reasons to Choose Jester Village Dental for Traditional Braces

  • Dr. Kassabian has many years of experience in fitting his patients with traditional braces
  • Traditional braces are usually a more cost-effective method for straightening teeth
  • Dr. Kassabian and his staff are accustomed to working with all ages of patients – so you can be fitted with traditional braces no matter what your age may be

What You Should Know about Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are made of metal brackets that are glued to each tooth, along with wires that connect the brackets. Often, metal tie wires or rubber bands (ligatures) are used to hold the wires in place. As you wear the braces over a period of time – typically several months – the braces gradually move your teeth into their straighter position.

Why Traditional Braces May Be Right for You

With all the other options now available, you may be wondering why you would choose traditional braces. The old-fashioned braces are sometimes a better choice for children and teenagers because they are usually much stronger than other alternative methods used for teeth straightening. Traditional braces are also typically somewhat less expensive than some of the more recently developed methods (such as aligner trays, for example).

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