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Before and After CEREC

Dental technology has advanced so far over the past few years. One great example of that is CEREC® technology. Thanks to this innovative technique, Dr. Kassabian is able to create restorations right here in our office instead of having to send them out to a dental lab – a process that often takes 10 days or longer. You can have your crown done in one appointment!

Top Reasons to Visit Jester Village Dental for CEREC® Restorations

  • Procedures such as crowns can now be done in a single visit to our office, saving you from having to make a second trip
  • CEREC® technology is surprisingly affordable and comparable to fees charged for other procedures
  • The dental restorations created using this innovative technology are just as strong and durable as those created by a dental lab


What You Should Know About CEREC® Restorations

CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) technology allows the dentists and his staff to create a variety of restorations right here in the dental office while patients wait. These means, in many cases, that you will only have to make a single trip to the office instead of two or more trips. This innovative technology can be used to create crowns and dental veneers, to name just a few.

What’s Involved in CEREC® Restorations

Most procedures involving this new technology begin when Dr. Kassabian prepares the affected tooth by removing any decay present. After that, he makes an impression of the tooth and creates an optical image using a specially designed camera. Then Dr. Kassabian brings up the image on a computer screen and uses it to create the restoration right here in our office. This means that many procedures that used to take two visits – crowns in particular – now only take one!

Contact Us Today for More Information about CEREC® Restorations

If you’d like out more about this revolutionary new dental technology, contact our office today. We’d be glad to schedule an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Kassabian to find out more about CEREC®.

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