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Wisdom Teeth Removal

What we call “wisdom teeth” are actually a third set of molars that sometimes erupt in the extreme back portion of a patient’s mouth. Not everyone gets wisdom teeth, and some who do get them have no problems at all. But for other patients, wisdom teeth can pose a serious issue – particularly of their mouths are not large enough to accommodate this extra set of molars. For those patients, wisdom teeth removal is often the only way to resolve the problem, which is why Dr. Kassabian offers this service to his patients from throughout the Austin, TX area.

Why You Should Visit Jester Village Dental for Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • If you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to erupting wisdom teeth, it’s important to resolve the issue right away – delaying treatment will only make things worse.
  • Dr. Kassabian and his trained staff of dental professionals have many years of experience in tooth extraction.
  • Jester Village Dental offers a variety of sedation methods, each of which is designed to make procedures like wisdom teeth removal as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Important Information about Wisdom Teeth Removal

For patients who do not have room enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, these extra molars can present all kinds of problems. The teeth can come in at an angle, or only partly emerge, which often results in the teeth becoming impacted. When this occurs, other surrounding teeth can be negatively affected. If left untreated for extended periods of time, impacted wisdom teeth can even damage the jaw. This third set of molars is located far back in the mouth, making them difficult to clean. Because of this, wisdom teeth are more likely to collect bacteria than other teeth, so if you do have wisdom teeth you’ll need to take extra care in brushing and flossing.

Dr. Kassabian will use an X-ray to tell whether or not your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. If you need to have the procedure done, you should know that it is a surgical procedure. You’ll need some amount of time off from school or work so that you can recover from the surgery at home. After a short recovery period, you should be able to return to your normal routine without any problem.

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